Our Services

Our Services

We provide a range of services in the field of Intellectual Property 


A patent can provide protection for a physical product or technical method which is both new and inventive.

We provide advice on whether your invention may be patentable, as well as preparing and filing patent applications and assisting with prosecution of the applications before the Australian Patent Office and Patent Offices overseas.

Trade Marks

A trade mark is any sign used to distinguish products of one trader from those of another, including company and business names, logos and slogans.

We provide advice on the best approach to protect your trade marks via appropriate trade mark registrations and proper use within your business.

Design Registration

A registered design is a monopoly granted in relation the visual appearance of the product. A registered design therefore protects the way a product looks, rather than the way it works.

We can provide advice on whether design registration is appropriate for your new product and assist with filing and prosecution of applications to register designs.

Overseas IP

Armour IP can assist with protection of your IP through patents, trade marks and designs in other countries.

We can assist with International patent and trade mark filings and direct national filings through our network of carefully selected associate firms.


Armour IP can assist both with issues where your rights are being infringed by a third party, or where allegations of infringement have been made against you.

We can conduct reviews of intellectual property rights of others in order to provide advice regarding the likelihood of infringing these rights and to assist with avoiding such infringement.


We can conduct searching or have searches commissioned in relation to IP that you are considering protecting, in order to better assess your chances of success.

We can also conduct searching in relation to IP rights of others to advise you in relation to the risk of infringement.


Armour IP provides ongoing maintenance of your IP rights to ensure all the requirements for keeping your rights in force are met. We can also monitor IP filings of your competitors in order to keep track of any important developments.

IP Advice

We are always available to provide any general advice you may require in relation to intellectual property rights that we maintain for you, as well as related matters.